Why Bigg Boss 10 Getting Full Attention

Bigg Boss always known to get the highest TRP due to Salman Khan’s statements’ stunts or contestants fights. 

This season ten is all together a different game where common man are creating history and common lucky person get chance to be get the exposure with famous Indian reality show.

So, number one reason are commoners and celebrities together inside the house creating chaos. From Noida's Manveer Gurjar to popular TV actors Rohan and Karan Mehra.

Second, Common man Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi stole million of hearts and became the strongest contestants of the house fighting to reach for the finale. Similarly, popular VJ and Roadie Bani J and Rohan Mehra survived as well.

While Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga became the most talked about contestants of the house, popular actor Rahul Dev couldn't impress the viewers much.

Season 10 also witnessed another historical moment when for the first time two contestants were kicked out of the show without being nominated.

The most awaited moment for all the fans are Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan together drama and promotion of Raees upcoming blockbuster by Red Chillies. 

Furthermore, Salman gives Manu a piece of his mind and says that his spitefulness has become very evident in the recent past. Salman adds that while he claims that Bani engages in a lot of grapevine conversations, it is Manu who does it more often but never owns up to it. Manu defends himself by saying that if his comments are not causing any harm to others then he is not doing anything wrong.

By the end of the discussion, Salman asks Bani and Lopa to bury the hatchet and hug each other. He concludes the episode by evicting one contestant out of the nominated ones. After surving for 13 weeks in the game, whose journey will come to an end closer to the finale?

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