Sonali Said "I Love You" to Gautam Gulati

OMG... Now its unbelievable story going on in Bigg Boss Season 8, it seems like Sonali Raut is feeling insecure about other contestant Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati closeness inside the "Bigg Boss Season 8" house.

Sonali Said  "I Love You" to Gautam Gulati

Diandra Soares and Gautam's loving site is in the new perspective in the "Bigg Boss 8" home. Gautam Gulati's liking for Diandra has improved in past several weeks. The two are seen having arms, getting comfortable under the bedsheet and going on a share part-time period. But it's the newest bathing room field that has become the discussing factor of this year, both within and outside of the "Bigg Boss" home.

However, it looks like that Gautam-Diandra's propinquity has been troubling Sonali these days. The "Xpose" movie star, who is one mystified contestant, changes her commitment according to the reputation of the participants.

Since beginning of the truth display, Sonali has been changing her loyalties between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati. Now that Gautam is becoming more popular day by day because of his loving endeavors, Sonali select to be with him.

On Friday's show, Sonali is seen saying, "I Love You" to Gautam in front of Puneet Issar. Puneet and Gautam were communicating in kitchen place at around 1 am on Weekend, and Sonali joined with them.

It was during that period Gautam informed Sonali that "We always think about you that you will be arriving in the evening to discuss to us. I am not kidding; we like you that's why we can say that."

And to that, Sonali responded saying, "You like me, and I love you, that is the difference."

A surprised Gautam requested her that why she never indicated her sensation to him before, to which she responded saying that she, has informed him in past times.

"Sir, aaj ladki ne aise bola me stunned ho gaya hu (Sonali has stunned me by saying this)," Gautam informed Puneet later.

While, Sonali statements that she said, "I love You" to Gautam, in past periods she was seen admitting about her liking for Upen.

Well, it looks like Sonali is confronted by Diandra-Gautam's closeness as, they taking the focus, and she is not.

Interestingly, even audiences have said the same factor about Sonali. Let’s see what interesting come next in Bigg Boss Next Episode Or What Salman Khan has to say on this.

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