BB 8 Breaking: Fight in BB8 House, Puneet Evicted

As a Routine Task for contestants in the house, which were divided into two teams, One team had to turn a wheel around and the other team had to stack wooden pieces.
The team that had the wheel task consisted of Sonali, Pritam, Puneet, Gautam and Sushant. And other team consisted of Arya, Karishma, Diandra, Praneet and Ali. Upen is the house captain.
The task is that each team had to do their task of building blocks and turning the wheel respectively, while other team had to stop them from doing their task. So each team were purposely trying to disturb the other team.
Now what happened in the middle of the task, while Arya went to stop the wheel, of his opponents team, Puneet pushed him badly, and this act led into a huge fight, big enough, that Bigg Boss had to stop the task.
Today is a Must watch episode of Bigg Boss House because of this act Bigg Boss evicted Puneet Issar.


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