Gautam : I doesn't feel sorry for Karishma

Karishma does everything she can to stop the shaadi
The bitterness between 'Bigg Boss 8' contestant Gautam Gulati as well as Karishma Tanna is getting uglier with each fly-by-night and looks like the enduring task Babbars v/s Lambas has acted as fuel to the fire.

later than the task got over, Gautam, Pritam & Praneet were seen discussing with all that happened during the task. They were also seen chatting about Karishma that it was very mean and wicked of her to throw water on Sonali's face.

Gautam, who last week had a major fight with Karishma, said to Pritam and Praneet that Karishma is a very ill-mannered person.

Gautam also said that she loves upsetting and hurting people. Gautam also went ahead saying that initially he was very apologetic but he doesn't feel sorry for Karishma any longer.

Only time will tell how the equation between Gautam & Karishma will shape up ahead.


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