Watch Salman Khan Reveal Details of Show - Bigg Boss 8 Launch

Bollywood Dabangg Khan Salman launched New Bigg Boss Season 8 with a live performance amid much pomp and fanfare in Mumbai on Friday (12 September 2014).

Dabangg Khan was at his candid best throughout the event and put up a good show marking his return as the host of India's most popular and controversial reality show.

Salman, well-known to be quite moody, engaged in some fun and banter with ex Bigg Boss contestant Andy (who was co-hosting the event) and the attendees present. Here are some funny and cheeky statements that the Kick star made at the Bigg Boss 8 press conference (via
1. "This time Colors has so much money in their budget for Bigg Boss that we can afford to fly abroad and still shoot indoors."
2. "We'd be having many foreigner contestants in the house. And as you all know, most of them might already be my friends."
3. "You know why I am dressed as a pilot? Because I have never done a pilot episode for a TV show."
4. "Wasn't taking Andy in the house a mistake last year? I promise we won't repeat it again."
5. "I am in touch with all the contestants we've had on our show previously. You won't believe it but I am still sorting their shit out!"

However, Salman Khan did not hint at or reveal anything about the contestants for the upcoming season 8.
Meanwhile, photographers who decided to boycott the actor's events, following an unpleasant incident during Khan's Kick promotions, were missing from his Bigg Boss 8 press conference, reports Emirates 24/7.

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