Top 8 - Bigg Boss Biggest Controversies - BB8

The Popular television show Bigg Boss has always been a place of controversies from the time when it was incepted and telecast. It’s always successful in grabbing eyeballs. Nevertheless there was a few that created ripples in the industry. At one point, Our Dabangg Khan had to say publicly that he will try to come up with a clean show.

And As far as we know he didn’t managed that in the last season. The show has delivered enough fodder for gossip that could last everlastingly now.

Let’s check out some of the most outrageous controversies from the Bigg Boss house.
1. The first season of Bigg Boss saw names like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmeera Shah, Rahul Roy and others get holed up in the house. One of the most outrageous controversies of the show was having Rakhi in it. She made a huge hue and cry about her mug being used by others, While she bawled, others decided to ignore her. Her rivalry with Kashmeera Shah spilled beyond the four walls of the house as well.
2. Rahul Mahajan’s love to see himself on Television seems to have taken this man to places. He entered the Bigg Boss house first and was seen lampooning himself quite a few times. He tried to woo Monica Bedi who seemed adamant to not fall for him. While he was trying to woo Bedi, he was also having a great time with ‘friend’ Payal Rohatgi.

3. Raja Choudhury’s presence in Bigg Boss was enough to gurantee some heavy expletives laden lash outs which would make anyone cringe with digust. But he made more news for having a confusing relationship with Sambhavna Seth. While at one hand they hurled abuses at each other, on the other they were caught kissing.

4. Kamal Rashid Khan entered the house, declared it unfit to house a man who has a house many times bigger than this. But that was just the start. When during a heated argument with Rohit Verma, he hurled a bottle at him that struck Shamita instead, he was escorted out of the show.

5. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s relationship only turned towards worse after they joined the show. They made a lot of fuss about how much they love each other and even got married on the show. But the moment the show ended, they apparently got it annulled.

6. Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik’s closness to the point of obscene PDA was a reason of much mayhem in the nation. While people debated on what to do, they continued their cozyness unabatedly.

7. Imam Siddiqui however felt it was necessary to move beyond the participants and to the host. At many occasions, he made preposterous statements about Salman Khan which incensed the actor to no bounds. He was about to flip out when at one instance Imam called out ‘Time Out’ to Salman.

Salman again got into a bit of a sticky wicket last season when he decided to side with Tanisha Mukherjee unconditionally. Kushal and Gauhar’s love story was the major draw of the show other than Salman of course and the actor’s biased approach towards them earned him a lot of flak on Twitter. Even many of his fans were crossed with him for turning a blind eye towards Armaan Kohli’s antics.

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