Salman Khan's Thoughts on 'Bigg Boss 8' Have a Look (It's 21 Sep)

That was the time when Salman Khan confessed that he doesn't want to host 'Bigg Boss 8'

And Today the time comes that he is launching the new season Bigg Boss 8.

We observed his twitter account and some of his interviews,

Here's what he says:

“I did not want to do ‘Bigg Boss 8‘ because it is too tiring and painful. I have my own set of problems and here I am solving 10-12 problems of others. These people involve me and somehow I get involved. But if you see something you have to take a stand,”

“I came back because I liked the format. You get to learn so much by seeing contestants’ reactions, even though you know you might have reacted in the same manner,” he said. This is Salman’s third stint as the anchor of the celebrity reality show, besides being a guest host on season 5, which was hosted by Sanjay Dutt. ‘Bigg Boss 8′ is set to premiere on September 21 on Colors.

Show's Format

“The format of the show is such that there are controversies. If something does not happen then people, including my own family and friends say, ‘The episode was thanda’. And if something happens, then they say it was too much, so at the end you don’t know what to do,” Salman said.

He added “These people have come in the house to get work. The fact is that if they are superb in the show, then they will not get work outside but they don’t understand that,”

Salman said whatever is shown on ‘Bigg Boss’ is the real reaction of contestants and not scripted at all.

“The best and scariest part of the game is that it is not scripted. Whatever contestants do in the house is correct because that is what the game demands. So either you play it with whole heart or whole mind. They should play smartly,” he said, adding that he would be a disaster inside the house as an inmate.

When asked if he will promote Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming Diwali release ‘Happy New Year’ on the show, Salman said, “We will do enough promotions for ‘Happy New Year’, the team does not need to worry.”

So let's say 'Happy Bigg Boss 8 Year' Today, We are here to hear you.. Looking forward in interaction in comments below..


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