Salman don’t know who the Bigg Boss Season 8 contestants are

Bollywood Dabangg Star Salman who has anchored Bigg Boss Seasons for the past five years, launched the press event of Big Boss season 8 with live performances. When we ask about the contestants who would be invited in Bigg Boss house season 8, Dabangg Khan said that he did not know anything about the contestants. “I have no idea about it! How they (the participants) will get along, what will be their tolerance level, how nice or bad they are…I don’t know,”

The identity of the contestants has not been revealed yet officially.

During the event Salman also announced that the Bigg Boss 8 will be based on aviation concept. Salman would be seen as captain and would lead the first class passengers.

There have been good questions raised and answers were given by salman, when asking about whom he want to see in the house, Salman said he wants to see in Bigg Boss house, Salman said that he would love to see Sanjay Dutt on the reality show. Salman clearly rejected the reports of Bigg Boss being scripted. “Tasks are given to the contestants, but there is nothing on what they have to say (while inside). There is no script. It’s completely real,” said Dabangg Khan.

Nevertheless, we expected that the press event would give us an idea about who the contestants would be and what the Bigg Boss theme would be like, However Salman did not disclose anything about the concept and the guests.
The BiggBoss Season 8 show is all set to be aired on Colors from September 21 2014 at 9PM.


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