Bigg Boss Wacky contestant over the seasons #CantWaitForBB8

Lets Check BiggBoss Twitter Report, and Who are the wackiest @BiggBoss contestants over the seasons? Wacky contestant #1: @AjazkhanActor The Ek Number Manus was always doing stunts to be the ‘Footage King’!
Wacky contestant #2: @dollybindra Her unpredictable nature & loud laughter grabbed everyone's attention!
Wacky contestant #3: #ImamSiddique This controversial contestant's out-of-the-box antics made him the wackiest! Time Out! Wacky contestant #4: #PoojaMisrra Her catch-phrase 'Spare Me' was on everyone's lips!
Wacky contestant #5: @sapnabhavnani Her weekly changed hair colours & temper made her a wacky contestant!
So this are the Top 5 Wacky contestant for all seasons so far, tell us your opinion and lets wait for 2 more days to start Bigg Boss Season 8 (Can't Wait, Can't wait... Big Boss Season Eight)

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