BB8: Captain Salman talks about ‘emergency exit’ & ‘twist’

New Ad: Salman Khan talks about ‘emergency exit’ & ‘twist’
You haven’t seen bigger than this. For all fans & followers of controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 8 have been waiting with bated breath to catch all the controversial action on the small screen.

But for stick-in-the-mud fans of Salman Khan, it’s a different case overall. The Dabangg Star, who is hosting the popular show of colors channel for the fifth consecutive time, will be seen playing a pilot on board the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ plane. In the newest ad, we can see Captain Salman Khan is talking about the emergency exits.
Pack your bags... Bigg Boss Season 8: Starts 21st September 2014 @ 9PM
Salman explains how the emergency exit doors wouldn’t open in case of an emergency (read: he actually means people will be subject to all kinds of rigorous tasks). And then Salman Khan in his matchless style and flamboyance, sings the new tag line - Yeh safar hoga mast, twist honge zabardast, can’t wait can’t wait for ‘Bigg Boss’ season 8!

So All are you salman and big boss fans, Ready to watch Captain Salman Khan take off the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ plane on September 21 !!!

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