BB Season 8 Revealed: Top Secret is Out of New Bigg Boss 8 house!

So let’s spoil some news for you in advance so first it’s not a house; it’s a plane, that too in the middle of a jungle. 
New Bigg Boss 8 house

Yes, you read that correct the Bigg Boss house is certainly designed like an aircraft, which has crashed and landed in a jungle. And we have some secrets of inside the house details, which will just add to the wretchedness of the contestants.

Not just like last season, this year, the toilets and bathroom will be combined. So the contestants will have to bath and attend to the nature’s call in one cubicle room.

Just like an airplane, the contestants will have to keep their entire luggage in the overhead compartments. Naturally removing the daily essentials from their bags is going to be a task this time.

There are no beds inside the glass walled house this season. In fact there are reclining chairs, which can be converted into beds. Whatever happened to comfort…

Since the house is designed like an airplane, there is no swimming pool and outdoor area. So all the tasks will take place either inside the house or around the plane. Oh, and talking about the tasks, all of them have been designed in a way that it tests contestant’s physical strength than the mental strength.

Like always, there will be a captain in the house this year, which will stay in the business class room, while rest of the contestants will stay in the economy class room.

Well, all we can say is that the contestants are going to have a hard time in Bigg Boss 8, which goes on-air from September 21 at 9 PM.


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