Ranbir refused to Bigg Boss 8 to give chance Ranveer Singh!

Ranbir Kapoor has refused to host season eight of reality show Bigg Boss. Salman Khan has already refused to be hosting the season 8.

Ranbir Kappor was the first name to think to being approached to host Bigg Boss 8. But since Kapoor prince has rejected the offer, media is reecho around predicting why he refused to host the most happening reality show.

Rumors said that Ranbir refused the show not wanting to attract anymore negative publicity as he is considered one of the most promising actors in the industry, has unintentionally or otherwise, fallen prey to a lot of unwanted negative PR damaging his image.

Insread of Ranbir, Ranveer Singh is next name to be approached to host the show. And now that Ranbir has expressed his refusal, the chances of the Ram Leela actor bagging the opportunity seems pretty high.

The show Bigg Boss has been hosted by the Dabangg actor for the last four seasons and has done a pretty good job at it. Ranbir might also have refused it fearing about filling his shoes too. Let's wait and watch what Ranveer do or say for refussing reasons.


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