Vote Now: Andy, Sangram, Kushal, Sofia Nominated (02 Dec 2013)

Four out of 9 housemates area unit within the zone in the week

Maha Monday imply nominations within the Bigg Boss seven house. The nomination ki prakriya started with a bang with Armaan Kohli returning within the glass walled house. Kohli was eliminated from the show as a locality of hoax elimination.

Gauahar Khan being the captain of the house was safe in the week. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to present any 2 names World Health Organization they require to nominate in the week. Armaan appointed Ajaz Khan and Kushal Tandon citing their hypocrisy. Kushal appointed VJ Andy citing his malevolent  nature, and Armaan for his habit of not maintaining to his words. Tanishaa Mukherji appointed Sofia Hayat and Ajaz Khan. Andy appointed Kushal citing his 2 sweet-faced nature, and Sofia for being incoherent continuously. Sangram Singh appointed Kushal and Sofia. Ajaz appointed Armaan and Tanishaa. Sofia appointed Kushal and Andy. Kamya Punjabi appointed Andy and Tanishaa.

Gauahar being the captain of the house was given a special power by Bigg Boss through that she might take one name World Health Organization are directly appointed in the week. Gauahar took Sangram’s name and sent him to the zone in the week.

So with this, Sangram, Andy, Kushal and Sofia entered the zone in the week.


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