Top Five Finalists get a Mysterious Briefcase on Day 99

The last week starts, only six days stay for the Bigg Boss Grand Finale and tension and apprehension amongst the highest five contestants - Gauahar, Ajaz, Sangram, Andy and Tanishaa has intense manifold.

To add on to their excitement and worries, On day 99 in 'Bigg Boss Saath 7', the finalists go through a test of virtue deciding who will own the mysterious briefcase within the evening, the housemates area unit asked to collect within the living space wherever a case affianced with a sequence is placed on a table. while not revealing details concerning the contents of the case, Bigg Boss asks the five contestants to reciprocally decide on one contestant United Nations agency deserves to own the case.

Unsure of what to expect, the housemates pay the primary 5 minutes observing the case so the game begins. whereas some say that it contains cash, the remainder speculate that the case would possibly contain associate degree elimination price ticket. whereas the game continues to require place, Ajaz voluntarily opts to require the case thinking that there can be cash within it.

However, the opposite housemates trouble Ajaz and continue with their discussion. each contestant volunteers to require up the case and face the implications. But, they area unit perpetually control back by the alternative housemates. what is the real mystery behind the suitcase? Which contestant will finally own it?


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