The Armaan Return Episode: Tanishaa Blissful, Ajaz’ dread

Armaan Kohli, after surviving a fake elimination, would be return in the Bigg Boss house, putting Ajaz in a fix. While everyone seemed to have accepted Armaan’s exit from the house, the only person who found it difficult to believe the same was Tanisha.

In this two days Tanisha’s anguish of losing Armaan continued even the next day while she kept staring at Armaan’s personal belongings that he had left back. Ajaz has played a cunning game in the show till now but with Armaan now facing the actor directly, an interesting situation is set to happen. During the nominations procedure, Bigg Boss called Armaan in the confession room and asked him to give two names for nominations. After this, he was asked to go back inside the house. When he came said “and look who’s back”. Tanisha couldn’t believe her eyes and ran to hug him. She was so blissful that she couldn’t stop her tears and was seen tugging at his shirt and crying. All inmates by surprise while Ajaz looked washed out with the actor's reappearance, donning a confused look. [Watch Here]

While Tanisha, Sangram and Andy were elated with Armaan’s return, Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal were not so pleased. After coming back from the bonus room, Armaan hugged Tanisha and then thanked Sangram and Andy for their support. He even told Sofia that she was good at heart. while the others are double-faced and hypocrites especially Ajaz.

Armaan went on to move toward Ajaz and exposed him indirectly that he would now show him his real standing. Ajaz tried to calm the situation but the effort was in hopeless.

And even in tonight episode, Armaan is fighting with Kushal strongly while Ajaz keep silent. [Watch Here]

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