Sofia Hayat having a heavy PR team working or guiding her?

The show always counts as a most controversial show but this ‘Bigg Boss 7’ reached to a level where for the first time in history, the police had to mediate and arrest Armaan Kohli from the middle of the show.

Yesterday, Monday, December 16, 2013 Armaan Kohli was arrested by the Lonavla police, post a complaint filed by ex-contestant Sofia Hayat.

Also, there is one major question which is still unanswered: If Armaan really physically molested Sofia, then why Bigg Boss didn’t eliminate him at the very moment? The question can only be answered once the investigations are finished. But it proved that Sofia’s charges are correct, then it questions the trustworthiness of the entire show, which already has been questioned a number of times.

Sofia has not stopped discussion about this unpleasant incident since the day she was evicted from the show. From reproachful Salman Khan to a range of sensational interviews, she has been on an unstoppable fling. Perhaps, this is the only time she would ever get the media coverage, except few semi-naked shoots here and there. Also, there might be some heavy PR machinery working with her, further guiding her. Who knows!

But, for now, it all rests in the police files, and only once their investigation is complete can the truth be known.


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