Sangram Singh get max votes & win 'Bigg Boss 7': Payal Rohatgi wants...

Actress Payal Rohatgi, wrestler-boyfriend and one of the finalists of "Bigg Boss - Saath 7" Sangram Singh, she wants him to get max votes and win the reality show.

"I want everyone to vote for him and I would obviously root for my boyfriend. Please vote for him," Payal said
Sagram Singh is strongly competing with Gauhar Khan, Tanisha Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan to win the trophy. Sangram wins or not, he will be happy when he comes out of the show as Payal has a special resolution for 2014 and it is totally in his favour.

"My New Year resolution is I will never fight with Sangram. I always fight with him and he patches up. But this time after living away from him for three-and-half months, I've realised that I can't live without him. So, it's better that I don't fight with him," Payal said.
There are lots of things should happen in career because for the last 3 months. Whether bigg boss is very popular reality show to get more fame for future career.

But one who is not part of Bigg Boss show but still her career can affect yes we are talking about Payal, Here what she said:
"I have been concentrating completely on his show and now I think I should start concentrating on my career also," added the actress, who has been a part of an earlier season of "Bigg Boss".

She recently tweet:


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