Oh Bhai, Ajaz Bhai, you were ditched by Gauhar Khan!

Ajaz has entered Bigg Boss House and keep eye on Gauhar Khan, He is succeed to manage and became Gauhar’s friend, and cheered up ‘missing-my-best-friend’ Gauahar with his cheesy jokes and songs. He expert into that and tried to take this friendship to another level, by calculating love percentages between him and Gauhar, and singing 'Excuse me, Kya re?' exclusively for her.

But Twist always come on time in the house and Kushal came back, it was another story altogether as Gauhar ran back into her friend’s arms, leaving Ajaz.

Gauhar spent more time with Kushal and Ajaz saw his efforts towards zero, he confided in Kamya about his depression, but let Gauahar and Kushal be.

The worst point of this one sided love was when Gauhar snapped at Ajaz when he was in the witness box in the Weekend box. She also asked him to maintain distance as ‘Kushal didn’t like it.’

Ajaz, being Ajaz, started hounding Kushal in his own way. He taunted Kushal on camera, and even made him drink water from Heaven’s bowl! Aah, sweet revenge! Ajaz has moved on pretty quickly to Sofia, a fact that even Salman laughed at.

Whatever the things it but the fact leftovers that Ajaz were ditched by Gauhar! Are you agree?

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