Leaked Video: Tanisha Talks Sex with Arman Handjob is a Quick Remedy

We found the secret video, and you can spot the signal that Armaan makes, by biting his lips, the ‘lust’ is clearly visible in his eyes.

As the conversation goes forward Tanisha tells him that he has no control over himself and his sexual urge. To which Armaan very sleazily replies that there are alternate remedies. Tanisha smiles, and very unknowingly asks Armaan if he has tried any such remedies. Also, Tanisha further adds, that his hand is broken, and it would be difficult for him to try such remedies. According to Tanisha in this conversation, “THE HAND IS VERY IMPORTANT.”

To which Armaan very clearly says that it’s not important to use one’s hand, as one can always invite somebody else to do the needful. Tanisha by now has realized where the conversation is heading, and tries to end the conversation. It’s very clear that Armaan is hinting that she should oblige him with such favor, if the need be.

If they are so desperate for sex, why are they on the show? Why not exit the show, where there are cameras all over them 24 hours a day?

Source: Businesofcinema.com

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