Is Kamya Playing Game or Playing with Contestants?

The time has arrive that you have to play safe to reach finale and Kamya is one contestant in the Bigg who has believed in fair play, be it for a task or otherwise, She has always been balanced and carried out all her responsibilities in a timely manner.

But looks like Kamya Punjabi come up with a new game strategy to secure her position in the finale.  Kamya has always stayed true to her friend Gauhar and has rarely had a difference in opinion with her.

The toy factory luxury budget task comes to an end, Bigg Boss asks housemates decide upon two names who have been weak performers in the task. While Gauahar, Kushal, Ajaz and Sofia sit down to discuss the appropriate names but Kamya prefers to keep away from the discussion and voices her opinion later.

Later, Kamya goes to Armaan and Tanishaa and tells them that she will never fall prey to any manipulations and will always support what is right. Upon hearing this, Armaan and Tanishaa praise Kamya endlessly and also compliment her for being unprejudiced. When Gauahar finds out about Kamya's conversation with Armaan, she starts to ignore Kamya, something that was rightly anticipated by Armaan and Tanishaa earlier.


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