Gauhar Khan left alone, cries in 'Bigg Boss 7'

The a hundred days has been completed within the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, Gauhar khan was seen crying on their own. She in all probability felt cheated by folks that she thought were her friends. however the very fact is that Gauhar too vie her cards well!

Bigg Boss gave a task to the last five contestants- Tanishaa, Andy, Sangram, Ajaz and Gauhar- and asked them to create confessions ahead of every alternative. He needed every of the contestants to recall bitter words they spoken for his or her co-inmates.

Ajaz, Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram had lots to speak concerning Gauahar whereas the girl was left alone to support herself with none left by her aspect. Gauahar too created her disliking for Ajaz and Tanishaa terribly apparent.

Tanishaa and Gauhar terminated up having an unpleasant spat. Allegations and counter accusations followed and within the finish, Gauhar was seen weeping.

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