Gauhar Khan & Ajaz Khan patch up After weeks of cold war!

'Bigg Boss 7' is now predictable and boring, things took a dramatic turn on Wednesday night as VJ Andy was evicted, Even Andy, who was being considered one of the strongest contestant from the first day.

Morning starts with RJ Malishka of Red FM went live on air and interacted with the housemates. While they showered them with appreciation, they also grilled them by asking all sorts of questions that put them in a fix.

While Sangram was asked about why there is a certain change in his behavior after getting a direct entry into the finale.

Ajaz was asked to propose Gauahar in typical Mumbaiya style, but instead Ajaz apologizes to her for their past arguments and Gauahar accepts his apology.

Later, the five inmates play secret Santa to each other and gift presents to each other on the occasion of Christmas. All five of them are seen to be overwhelmed by the gifts they get and seem to put their differences aside.

In the midnight, Housemates are taken to the activity area where barring Sangram, all four inmates are handcuffed and are asked to step inside a box. Bigg Boss asks them to unlock the handcuff and rush to the living area.

While everyone thinks that it is a competition, Bigg Boss just uses it as a ploy to evict Andy who gets eliminated after receiving less amount of votes from the audience.

Finally this makes Gauhar & Ajaz more closer and Ajaz is keep trying to say her that he never want to make an unhappy mood. And finally Gauhar and Ajaz became friends again.

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