@GAUAHAR_KHAN is win #BB7: Rahul Mahajan

Sounds like today is not only Saturday but lots people are tweeting about the winning prediction for Bigg Boss 7.

Recently on Kushal's eviction Bigg Boss former season contestant Rahul Mahajan feels that Kushal's eviction was unfair.

This tweets receive 1,104 RETWEETS 283 FAVORITES, Kushal, who had received maximum number of votes last week, was saved by a huge margin. This week he lost to Gauhar and Ajaz.

So his tweets didn't back Kushal to the show but more than 1000 people thinks the same.

Obviously Rahul Mahajan couldn't wait few hours to watch the winner of 'Bigg Boss 7' and he clearly says that Gauhar Khan is winning the Bigg Boss 7. here his tweet...

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