Game Changer Move: Sangram sends Tanisha to ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Grand Finale

Change the game, don’t let the game change you, and here at ‘Bigg Boss’ things turn up and down, enemies becoming friends, friends becoming enemies, status of relationships is a constant in the controversial house.

Every week nominations are the most one, but this week is the most important to reach the finale.
The nominations for eviction this week are: Ajaz Khan (lost identity), Kushal Tandon (lover “puppet”), Tanisha Mukerji (the smart one) and last but not the least, Gauahar Khan (the original Miss Manipulative).

Who voted whom?

  • Kushal voted Tanisha and Ajaz,
  • Gauahar voted Armaan and Tanisha,
  • Ajaz voted Andy and Kushal,
  • Armaan voted Gauahar and Kushal,
  • Tanisha voted Gauahar and Kushal,
  • Andy voted Ajaz

So, The maximum votes got by Kushal Tandon and he is going to out from the show.

Special power:

In the other hand, Sangram was given a special power as the captain to save one housemate. Whom do you think Sangram saved? Now, that’s where is the game-changer move! Sangram saved Tanisha.


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