Fake Eviction: Armaan Kohli Out or Not Out from Bigg Boss House!

Sounds like this Saturday Weekend Ka Wow episode of Salman Khan was super entertaining as he is in full mood, But shocking news was when he asked Armaan Kohli to pack his bags and come out of the house.

Earlier Bigg Boss has announced as this week was a non-elimination week, contestants were unaware about it and were nervous as they waited anxiously for host Salman Khan to announce the name of the person to be evicted.

Housemates in shock moment when Salman Khan asked Armaan Kohli to pack his bags and come out of the house. But there's a twist, as soon as he exited the main door, he was blindfolded and taken to a bonus room.

We can say its fake eviction; the housemates don’t know that the voting lines were closed this week. It was heart wrecking to see how Tanishaa poured her heart out. It may be this pain of parting ways that made both Armaan and Tanishaa confess their love for each other.

In the tonight episode you may see the twist and the plan of Bigg Boss why he bring gap between Armaan Kohli and other housemates or specially Tanisha Mukherjee.

While we mentioned Tanisha, is because of the reason as last week the rumors is Tanisha Mukherjee force to leave this week on Ajay Devgn’s Request but Bigg Boss denied Ajay's request as Tanisha is the one to help get more n more TRPs.

Not Sure but Bigg Boss decide to fare with Ajay Devgn and bring distance between Armaan and Tanishaa to maintain the TRP and Ajay's Request!


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