Day 96 in 'Bigg Boss' Ajaz vs All! Countdown begins to the Grand Finale

Day 95 (11:15 Pm): Tanisha is very upset with the way she is being portrayed on the show, that is like a doormat. Tanisha decides to leave and conveys the same to Bigg Boss. Later, Andy and Sangram discuss the way Sangram was shown playing double games in the Bigg Boss house. Next morning(Day 96), an argument starts between Ajaz and Sangram over the topic of Sangram discussed in the Aap ki Adalat hel by, Rajat Sharma. Armaan expresses his anguish and pain which was caused to him, when Tanisha gave a strange look to Ajaz. Watch the episode and know the repercussions which have been caused by Rajat Sharma's Aap ki Adalat.

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