Day 94, 95 in 'Bigg Boss 7' - 19th December 2013 - Full Episode

Day 94 (3:30 Am): Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to assemble in the garden area. Bigg Boss asks the three nominated contestants, Ajaz, Gauhar and Khushal to stand on the pedestal for the elimination. Later, Bigg Boss tells the contestants that the nomination process has started. Bigg Boss also says that Ajaz and Andy are safe from this nomination process, and the other four are nominated for elimination. Day 95 in 'Bigg Boss 7' all the contestants are asked to gather in the activity area. Bigg Boss announces the arrival of the famous reporter, Rajat Sharma, who is in the house for Aap Ki Adalat. Watch this interesting episode and know all that happens.

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