Day 93 in 'Bigg Boss' Luxury Budget Task ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’

This week is unexpected with the fact on which the Bigg Boss contestant succeeds. Bigg Boss contestants are required to carry out a luxury budget task but little do they know that this time around, the task is going to mightier than any other so far.

At the crack of the dawn, when the housemates are still asleep, a wake up alarm rings following which, the housemates are asked to gather in the living area. Bigg Boss further makes an announcement that in order to reach the final week, the housemates will now have to prove their potential and capability on an individual level without the support of any teammate through the task Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

What is 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' this task all about:

In the task, contestants are asked to choose one badge with a contestant’s name written on it. They are further asked to hang the badge with the name tag around their neck during the task. In the garden, six stands are placed with each containing ten bottles labeled with a contestant’s name. The housemates are required to strictly abide by the rules of the house and be alert the whole time. They are not allowed to sleep or rest while the task is on.

Upon failing to carry out the task, the person who commits the mistake will not bear the brunt, but rather the one whose name written on the badge will be held responsible for it. For each mistake, one bottle from the stand labeled with that respective contestant’s name will be opened and emptied thereby costing them a point. At the end of the task, whosoever is left with maximum number of bottles will get immunity from next week’s nominations.

Sangram who was already immune from the nominations is asked to regulate the task and take note of all the mistakes that the housemates make from time to time.

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