Day 90 'Bigg Boss' Salman-Sachin vs Kushal-Ajaz, Sohail Scared

Bigg Boss 7 Day 90 Weekend Ka Wow episode, Salman told Kushal and Ajaz's case about talking bad things about Sachiin Joshi after he left the Bigg Boss house. He said that is the reason Sohail didn't come inside the house because if he would face the same fate.

Ajaz and Kushal tried to explain themselves that they were hurt about Sachiin calling Gauhar their remote control. Kushal said that he and Gauhar loved each other, and so he listened to all the good things she said. But Salman still maintained that it was bad manners to insult the guests.

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Salman then showed how Kushal told Gauahar that his dad messaged 3 lakh people to vote for Kushal. Salman teased Kushal about giving others a fair chance. Kushal seemed hurt about Salman teasing him, but all was well when Salman said that it was all in jest.

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