Day 86 & Day 87 of 'Bigg Boss 7' Full Episode

10 December 2013, Bigg Boss 7 Day 86 Full Episode

The day starts with Kaamya discussing the talk she had the previous night with Ajaz. Ajaz takes exception to the comments made by Andy, and asks him to forget and not try to teach him. Later, Ajaz sitting alone in the bedroom speaks about how he was used by Gauhar before the arrival of Khushal.

Bigg Boss hands over the luxury task for the week - Ticket to the Finale Week, which will some more tasks in it. The inmates form two teams and the winner can select a person from the losing the team, who will not perform in the next task.

11 December 2013, Bigg Boss 7 Day 87 Full Episode

Armaan and Tanisha discuss about their relationship and their past relationships. Ajaz refuses to do the household chores citing health reasons. Kaamya and Andy discuss the various reasons Ajaz give to avoid work. Later in the day, the luxury task - Ticket to the finale week, continues with Bigg Boss asking the inmates to play the task of Rajneeti again.


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