Day 85 Sneak Peek of 'Bigg Boss 7' Everyone Nominated

In the 09 December 2013, Day 85 Episode, Ajaz and Kushal discussing nominations and engage in a conversation about strategic planning for nominations. As the day for nominations approaches, Ajaz claims to be confused and consults with Kushal and Gauhar regarding nominations. While Gauahar abstains from encouraging this conversation, Kushal shares inputs with Ajaz that leads to creating a game plan to ensure that their toughest competitors face nominations.

However camera watching everyone Bigg Boss make everyone see the footage of Kushal and Ajaz’s conversation regarding nominations that puts Sangram, Tanishaa, came on their hit list. Kushal and Ajaz found guilty of discussing nominations, but As a repercussion of the rule-breaking, Bigg Boss decides to punish not only the lawbreakers but also other contestants who were not a part of the conversation.

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