Day 79 'Bigg Boss' No English Vinglish, ONLY Hindi, says Monitor Gauhar Khan

Bigg Boss is very strict with rules and regulation, housemates have quite often got punished for communicating in English and some of them still using English to do so. Finally Bigg Boss has to make a special Toy factory task where Gauhar khan was made the supervisor she made sure no one spoke in English.

As a monitor, she is doing her job and warned everyone to remind from speaking in English and to use only Hindi for any communication.

She shouted at them and told them to speak in Hindi whenever they tried speaking in English.

Gauahar was also very strict with Ajaz during the task who kept on doing some unnecessary things.

Ajaz wanted to have food in the middle of the task to which Gauhar responded by telling him not to break rules.

This is not a first time for her, earlier she supervising couple of tasks where in she made sure the smooth running of the task. Looks like Gauhar is favorite to play ‘Monitor’ and her this quality is always seen in the house and which is also appreciated by Bigg Boss.

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