Day 101: Chat with RJ (Malishka) & Task 'Aajka Raja Ajaz Khan'

Public are known to deeply following their favorite contestants and vote incessantly to ensure their victory. Bigg Boss Season Saath 7's and a leading radio station collectively created a unique platform for audiences and listeners to have a live chat with the top 5 contestants as a part of a special Christmas treat.

For the first time, the viewers got to interact with the 'Bigg Boss 7' contestants who are still residing in the house over a few hours.

In the morning, the 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates got a wakeup call from the RJ (Malishka) who then informed the housemates that they will be going live on the radio starting that very moment.

The fans and viewers who seem quite excited to be talking to their favorite 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates.

While they shower them with appreciation, they also grill them by asking all sorts of questions that would often put them in a fix.

While Sangram is asked about why is there a certain change in his behavior after getting a direct entry into the finale, Tanishaa and Gauhar are asked to point out one bad thing about each other.

Ajaz gets a call from one of his fans who have a conversation with him in a complete Mumbaiya style. Andy is asked about his friendly nature and why he has been switching side time and again. Sangram is also questioned for calling the housemates empty vessels who just keep arguing with each other.

The 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates are also asked to do an activity where they are required to dance with each other switching partners with every song. One of the listeners also tries to get Ajaz and Gauahar to patch up and urge them to go back to being friends again.


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