Childish Kushal: Gauhar Khan vs Ajaz Khan in front of Salman Khan

Day 96 in 'Bigg Boss 7' The Weekend Ka Wow episode with Salman Khan, Start with topic of Ajaz interfering in Kushal and Gauhar's life, and Ajaz replied that he would run to a friend's rescue if she were being disrespected. But Gauhar flared up and asked Ajaz to back off as Kushal wasn't being rude to her.

Whatever the game is but Ajaz khan reached the place where he should be and Salman congratulated Ajaz and Sangram for reaching the finals.

Ajaz shared incident when Kushal had said that Ajaz would leave, and now Kushal was out and he was in the Finale

Salman then asked Gauhar about Kushal's eviction, and asusal Gauhar started defending Kushal about his soft nature and how he reacted before he thought. Gauahar also called him a child who didn't hurt anyone.

Armaan and Tanishaa then gave their own reasons why Kushal was evicted. Armaan said that he was very childish and got evicted because he reacted before thinking but he was a good boy. Tanishaa refused to believe that he was a kid, and blamed Gauahar for not controlling Kushal when he got angry.

Salman asked Gauhar Khan about deliberately trying to make Andy lose. Gauhar explained that she said so at the last as she wanted to win. Ajaz then blamed Kushal for planning to make Tanishaa lose, and the taunting session began again.

Gauahar again tried to be Kushal's advocate and said that he didn't deliberately try to break Armaan's bottles. Ajaz said that Kushal was not that straight and even Armaan blamed for breaking most of his bottles. In the end, Gauahar had to admit that Kushal was irresponsible.

Gauahar got really angry when Ajaz said that she had loved his compliments before and was now acting cold towards him. The former 'dosts' got into a spat when Gauahar said that Ajaz was doing bakwaas, and Ajaz retorted that the world had seen her 'bakwaas'. Oh.My.God.

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