Bigg Boss Day 95: Andy, Armaan and Sangram with Rajat Sharma

In Witness Box with Rajat Sharma is not small task to perform. Housemates are required to answer those questions with complete honesty and provide justification whenever required.

Andy is the first one to be in the witness box where he is asked the reason for his transition from being a funny guy to a serious one. Andy explains to Rajat that his humour has been misunderstood in the past and has drawn a lot of criticism and thus he has bid adieu to his funny self.

Its time for honest boy Sangram is called in the witness box where Rajat puts an allegation on him for being a diplomatic and double-faced person. While Sangram tries to defend and justify himself, Rajat plays a video where Sangram is found backbiting about Andy at once instance. While watching the video, Andy gets upsets and tears start trickling down his eyes.

Armaan who just came back into house after the sofia hayat's police case. He is questioned by Rajat regarding his shot tempered nature and his frequent outbursts that has kept most of the 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates away from him. Armaan tries to justify himself by telling Rajat that his anger is just for a spur of a moment and that he is working hard to control it.


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