Bigg Boss Day 100 Leads Fight between Gauhar & Tanishaa!

And one hundred days completed, The contestants who’re within from one hundred days area unit Gauhar, Andy, Tanishaa, Sangram. From them Tanishaa is that the just one contestants WHO still not meet anyone from her family. Anyways lets return to the task, we tend to all recognize that the confession space within the Bigg Boss home is one place wherever the housemates have the freedom to talk their heart out whereby the nice, unhealthy and ugly is disclosed. however ever puzzled what might happen once these confessions set out of the closed rooms and area unit mentioned within the open? Well, it is time to rest your curiosity as a result of one thing similar has already happened within the Bigg Boss house once the housemates area unit asked to delight in a tête-à-tête and confess no matter they need spoken concerning their fellow-contestants behind their backs.

The final five contestants – Gauahar, Ajaz, Sangram, Andy and Tanishaa – of controversial celebrity game show 'Bigg Boss 7' were in for a night of confessions, furl the living space and spill the beans concerning one another. Andy is that the 1st one to travel and he tells Gauhar that he has ne'er liked Kushal and has forever doubted their future. He additionally tells Tanishaa that he failed to appreciate her selecting a fight with him and processing things out of proportion. Ajaz tells Tanishaa that he failed to appreciate Tanishaa’s cold behaviour and forever complained concerning it to Sangram.

Making most of this chance, Ajaz tries to fix his friendly relationship with Gauahar and tells her that he considers her to be an expensive friend. Sangram being at his diplomatic best tells Gauahar that he did point out her being a player and influencing folks however has ne'er had exhausting feelings for her. Gauahar and Tanishaa’s confessions, however, result in a fight between them wherever they accuse one another of holding back plenty of things that they need spoken concerning one another.

With plenty of dark secrets being disclosed during this session, what new twists can it usher in the finale week of Bigg Boss?


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