Armaan vs Kushal & Ajaz, Toy Factory Task Lead Fresh Fights

Bigg Boss 7's latest luxury budget, Bigg Boss Ki Toy factory has brought in fresh fights. Armaan naturally leading at it with fights against Kushal and Ajaz.

Every week, Bigg Boss is oil-fired with fights and disputes and on appears to be no totally different. the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss Ki Toy factory can wake up the forefront major variations that exist amongst the Bigg Boss contestants. whereas on the one hand is Armaan's team comprising of Tanisha, Sangram and Andy who offer their best shot so as to satisfy the targets that are set by Bigg Boss, on the opposite hand is Sofia's team which has Kamya, Kushal and Ajaz suffer setbacks attributable to some lazy team members.

After Bigg Boss announces the primary order of fifty soft toys to each groups, it leads to a series of conflicts that hamper their overall productivity. the primary fight erupts between Kushal and Bulgarian capital once Kushal doubts Sofia's proficiency at leading the team thereby creating Kushal step back from conducive towards the task. Later within the day, Armaan associated Kushal have an argument over the standard of soppy toys that Sofia's team has been manufacturing.

Another issue arises once Gauahar and Andy have a disagreement concerning the quality of labor being place forth by Armaan and Andy's team. Things additional get ugly once each the groups fail to satisfy their preliminary targets inside the given frame that ends up in additional friction between them.

Ajaz and Armaan resort to snatching raw materials from every other's grasps to satisfy their production line necessities. Gauahar catches sight of Ajaz and Armaan's brash angle and intervenes forthwith. However, the arguments and spats continue in the course of the night because the task gets a lot of intense and targets get harder. can the housemates can able to make up and achieve the task or suffer a significant blow within the luxury budget this week?


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