14 Dec Full Episode with Salman Khan & Sohail Khan

Dec 14, 2013 -
Weekend ka Wow with Salman: Salman enters the Big Box and speaks to the contestants through Me TV. Salman comes out of the box and rearranges the sitting position of the contestants. He speaks to the contestants about the record set by them in the Big Box task. Sohail Khan joins Salman Khan, on the stage and asks Andy to go to the storeroom and fetch the items kept for Kaamya amd Sangram. Sangram does a victory dance for finally being selected, as the captain of the Bigg Boss house. Later, Sohail announces that a theatrical of his film, Jai Ho, will be shown and wants a honest opinion for the same. Salman speaks about the movie and its release date. Watch this episode and know all.

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