Will Andy trump card for Tanisha to stay strong in the game?

Bigg Boss is showing drama since one and half month, But now this game has reached a place where the contestants are targeting each other to stay in house. At last candy said that Tanisha played well and she who seems t be using now andy as a swipe to join her position in the game.

She is using the gap between Gauhar and Andy as she knows that these both housemates are not joined at the hip. Tanisha is looking all around she recently caught that Andy has previously express his desire to be friends with Gauhar Khan and clear all the misunderstandings.

To take some steps further Tanishaa asks Andy to get again friends and be friendly with Gauhar. Tanisha continue saying to andy that it will bring about a big change in the game and viewers get amazed for Guahar. And after all about make us strong as a team as they will be aware of the strategy and game plan in Gauhar’s mind. Andy had no choice and follow what Tanisha’s says.


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