Why Kushal Tandon is back? Strategy & Reasons Revealed

Bigg Boss 7 ‘Badtameez’ boy Kushal Tandan will start his second innings in the house. He left the house with some sour relationships and some unfinished stories, so will the complete these stories or will he start some new ones?

Apology to Andy: He might want to apologize to Andy for his action, though he believes that the reason was right but still he might want to end this issue here.

Apology to Tanishaa: Kushal might apologize to Tanishaa for not treating her well even if it was a task. His behavior towards her showed him in a bad light and he might want to change the perception of some people who think that he doesn’t respect women.

Ajaz’s class: Ajaz will definitely have some suggestions and warnings coming from Kushal as he must have surely seen Ajaz flirting with Gauhar. Also the things which Ajaz said while he was in the caravan will not be taken lightly by Kushal. So some action in store for all of us.

Bonding with Sofia: Kushal and Sofia’s interaction might be pretty interesting. Sofia till now has flirted with all the dudes of the house and now with Kushal coming in, she might want to try her magic on him.

Hot heads in the house: Now that we have three hot headed dudes Armaan, Ajaz and Kushal inside the house some fireworks are absolutely expected when these heads crash with each other during a task or even otherwise.

Love story continues: The unfinished love story between Gauhar and Kushal might blossom again. And all of you out there might get some more cute moments on which you all can go ‘awww’


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