Why Armaan and Ajaz Big Fight on Day 47?

Every viewer and contestants are enjoying the speed of too friendly with everyone move.

Sangram wish to wishing wall gets fulfilled and as a reward for granting wishes, Sangram was asked to choose a sevak from amongst contestants and he chooses Ajez khan to do all they contestants command, but he refuses to perform the task such as picking up dirty clothes after the contestants and putting their footwear back in place. But he is keeping refusing.

As lastly declared by Bigg Boss, Armaan, being the captain of the bigg boss house, gently clarified to Ajaz that he has to follow the rules and perform duties without bad tempered or cribbing. On the other hand, Ajaz painstaking Armaan's advice as interference.

Amman has continual to try to say Ajaz, who refused to bear any further nosiness. As captain, Armaan told Ajaz to put back together his ways because, as a newbie, he needed to get familiar with the ways of the 'Bigg Boss' house before pointing fingers at anyone.

Ajaz continued to vent his anguish and during his anger outburst, even spoke to Gauahar in a very unkind quality. She fell beside the point deeds and strongly told Ajaz to make his volume lower.

But Ajaz is not person to control by any of Bigg Boss contestants, for that Bigg Boss specially called Armaan into confession room and gave him the authority to fix the issue and force ages to do the task and performed all his duties well.

To bring Ajaz under control, Bigg Boss called Armaan into the confession room and gave him the authority to ensure that Ajaz did justice to the task and performed all his duties well.

It’ll be interesting to see what lies in Ajaz's future as he continues his stay inside the 'Bigg Boss' house.

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