Who is Elli Avram, asks Katrina Kaif, Ouch Elli & Salman, Are You Listening?

Flattered to be compared with Katrina Kaif: Elli Avram is grabbing attention from audiences & housemates alike that she has managed to charm superstar Salman Khan during the current season of ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

From first day of the show Salman Khan mentioned that Elli Avram reminds her of ex flame Katrina Kaif.

Jokes apart, at the launch of ‘Dhoom 3’ song Katrina was asked about it and she said, “I haven`t seen the show or I don`t know who Elli Eviram is so I can`t comment on it,”

This statement clearly says Katrina Kaif isin’t aware of Elli's existence as well as the Bigg Boss show, This also means Katrina is no more interested into Salman Khan.

This news must be heard by Elli & Salman both. Katrina Kaif will be seen in her upcoming film Dhoom: 3 oppsite Aamir Khan which is slated to release on December 20.

Do you think after this statement Katrina come to Bigg Boss stage to promote her film?

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