The Lovable Day - Gauhar Accept Kushal and Reject Ajaz!

Yesterday (Day 74) Episode was an emotional episode, today we saw more and more love spreading in the house.

Day 75 began with an announcement by Bigg Boss wherein he asked everyone to name two contestants who have physically and mentally worked the hardest in this week.

Andy and Gauhar the contestants for this week and Bigg Boss pitted them against each other in a competition to win captaincy.

The task was to find as many Dabur Chawanprash bottles as you can from inside the pool. Andy managed to find 32 bottles while Gauhar found 33 bottles making her the captain of the house!

The next task given to housemates is called ‘Kisko Pyaar Karoon’. Kushal and Ajaz were given an opportunity to impress Gauahar and whoever wins her heart would be declared as her heartthrob.

Ajaz made sincere attempts to impress Gauhar and even sang for her but it was Kushal who took away the first round by saying something unexpected. He, in front of everyone, confessed his love for Gauhar and said the three golden words, “I Love You” making Gauahar blush like anything!

Finally Gauahar made her choice and chose Kushal over Ajaz. She too professed her love openly for Kushal and said I love you too! Such an awww couple!


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