Tanisha & Armaan captured naked in Bigg Boss House

Bollywood actors Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli, whose keenness for each other has been all over national television for quite some time now, crossed the line when the two were caught getting close in the house after the lights went out at night .

While, the makers of the show have denied the matter by calling it unfounded, a screenshot of the rumored couple getting cost has gone viral online in no time. However, the incident will not be aired on the show due to censorship issues. This is not the first time that Armaan and Tanishaa have been caught! Tanishaa and Armaan's love have been the topic of discussion in the Bigg Boss house from Day 1. Perhaps that is the reason her mother Tanuja is not interested to meet her.

While many questions Tanishaa's liking for Armaan, who is infamous for his mood swings and burst, the Mukerji gal has stood by 'her man' through thick and thin.

After Salman's warning, the love birds tried to maintain some distance from each other but Tanishaa's love for Armaan was too clear to be disregarded.

Tanishaa's humbly in front of Armaan, even at his frequent and unexplained outbursts at her, did not go down well with Salman. And the superstar was seen encouraging Tanishaa to take a stand for herself as her behavior sent out a wrong signal to women out there.

Rumors had it that both Mukerji and Devgn families were not in favor of Tanishaa entering the show and apparently her brother-in-law Ajay Devgn, who is friends with Salman, had asked the latter to look out for her.


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