Sangram Singh in Sach Ka Saamna? Gauhar, Tanisha Debate!

Delhi-based wrestler Sanjit Kumar aka Sangram Singh, Recently got nominated for eviction. Bigg Boss calls him to come in confession room and playing "Sach Ka Saamna" with Bigg Boss!

This is very interesting thing Bigg Boss is doing as he also thinks Sangram is playing game two sides!

The first question in the sneak peek we seen was: As you're being good with everyone is your strategy? Sangram replied No!

The first question in the sneak peek we seen was: Is Tanisha using Armaan to Play the Game well? He said Yes!

The second question is: Do you think Gauhar Khan has to comeback in the house! Is it right decision? and Sangram replied YES! And here begin the fight Gauhar comment and tell others that he wasn't sad before to me!

So lets see Sach Ka Samna in Bigg Boss 7 tonight with Sangram Singh! If you want to see online come back again on to watch the full episode online.


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