Salman was not flirting with me: Elli Avram

A few lovebirds grab some attention in this season of Bigg Boss. But also people are truly aware of Swedish actor Elli Avram was Salman Khan’s favorite on Bigg Boss 7.

Salman Khan would treat in a friendly manner with Elli and she would return to sing romantic songs for him. Salman also said that Elli is looks same as Katrina Kaif before 5 years.

The rumors are fake that Salman was flirting with me…

"I don’t think Salmanji was flirting with me. I think he was trying to make me happy and comfortable. He’s a humble and understanding man. I sang the songs for fun because the other contestants told me it would be a nice thing to do. People are reading too much into our interactions," says Elli.

Some media site also asks her about the comparison with Katrina! She says, "It’s a huge thing that people are comparing us. She too has come from Europe like me. She’s a hard-working actor and is getting better with each film."

"I think now when I go home, things might be different. When I came out of the house, there were kids who shouted my name."

After announcing her elimination, Salman had mentioned on the show that, by the time Bigg Boss ends, Elli would have achieved much more in life. Does that mean he might cast her in any of his movies?

"No, we didn’t talk at all, other than while on the show. He wished me luck. He has helped me promote my film and always encouraged me. I’m grateful for that," she says.

What you think, Is she become like Katrina Kaif? Or Salman’s New Girl Friend?


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