Pratyusha Banerjee took Kamya from Bigg Boss 7

The Day 63 Episode Awesomeness with Salman Khan, Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor. And here comes to Pratyusha. Pratyusha joined Salman Khan on stage and solved out all her grievances with the inmates before bidding the final adieu.

Pratyusha (aki Anandi) watched sneck peak of her journey of bigg boss house and cried because of Kamya's kindness and friendship. She got emotional and give here to best angel as well as captainshipness.

She don't VJ Andy and declared as devil. And even she thinks Kamya can win the show. Isn't she?

She even say sorry to Tanisha for the all arguments and things which happened!

And even as a best friend, she is going to meet aara'a kamya' daughter tomorrow! (Watch AARA's Photos)

Coming Up Tomorrow – Chor Police waala Maha Monday

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