Post Diwali Nomination: Armaan asks Tanisha to Nominate him! Fight Begun!

The Diwali days Salman entered in the House add some cheerful content for the show and contestants are discussing the nominations for the week with the host Salman Khan. And Elli and Andy are safe by Elli. Pratyusha and Candy by Ajaz.

And Gauhar tells Salman about her safe contestant suggestion Kamya and Pratyusha from the nominations. As both stood by her when she was attacked and mocked by other inmates.

While Tanisha chooses Andy and Elli and everyone shocked for Armaan with his opponents.

Armaan gets the right to elect one contestant for the nominations, he gives out Sangram's name. Later, Armaan gets into a fight with Tanisha for cheering Sangram. "Tanisha, don't speak to me. Nominate me next week," Armaan tells Tanisha.

The other hand Ajaz makes mean comment:

"Aap se Armaan ko ghar ki feeling aati hai," Ajaz had said on camera. But Tanishaa pay no attention to his pointless comment, she communicates the same to Armaan. To her surprise, Armaan shrugs her off and asks Tanishaa to learn to stand up for herself and fight her own battles.

Now lets see the lovebirds fight the next episode.


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