Monday Nominations: Tanishaa, Elli, Andy, Ajaz and Sofia Nominated

Each week Monday is about nominations says like Maha Monday, But without much fanfare twofold treat for housemates, joint assignment in aggregations of two.

Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to separation in sets and remain cuffed till nominations were finished. However seeing that the hopefuls were adhering to their companions, Bigg Boss chose to make his own sets dependent upon the comparisons that the contenders impart to one another.

Actually, Vj Andy and Armaan Kohli, who have contradicting perspectives and temperament were matched together, and the continually warring Tanishaa Mukherji and Gauahar Khan were assembled.

Pretty young ladies Elli Avram and Sofia Hayat were combined together and to fuse some fun into this, the pair wore indistinguishable dress and called themselves the Bb twins. Also in conclusion Ajaz Khan and Sangram Singh were made a couple.

The nominations ki prakriya proceeded and Bigg Boss declared that Ajaz is specifically sent to the threat zone without much fanfare acknowledging his frail execution in the extravagance plan assignment. While Kamya being the commander of the house was sheltered without much fanfare.

Accompanying this the sets were asked to go inside the admission room one after the other and pick three names for nominations with shared accord and were likewise permitted to name one another.

Andy and Armaan assigned Sofia, Gauahar and Elli. Sofia and Elli assigned Tanishaa, Andy and Sofia (Elli's nominations). Sangram and Ajaz selected Armaan, Tanishaa and Sofia. What's more finally Tanishaa and Gauahar designated Sofia, Elli and Sangram.

Kamya being the skipper of the house was asked to unashamedly choose one individual utilizing her extraordinary force which will specifically enter the risk zone. So Kamya took Andy's name refering to the faltering excuse for why he gave throughout a week ago nominations while selecting Pratyusha.

The nominations handle reached a closure and Tanishaa Mukherji, Elli Avram, Vj Andy, Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat were nominated this week

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