Kushal say Sorry to Tanisha and be a Real Gentleman!

A lot talk about about Kushal’s behavior with Tanishaa before he was rudely asked to leave the Bigg Boss house. During a task, when Kushal made some personal comments about Tanishaa and even dragged her family background into the argument, the whole nation witnessed an uproar which included host Salman Khan .

However, now that Kushal has re-entered the Bigg Boss house, he has made it clear that he is back with the agenda to clear all misunderstandings and repent for his mistakes. He starts by hugging Andy as soon as he enters the house for a fresh start. Next was Tanishaa who had been appalled by Kushal's behavior and was staunchly against his return. However, Kushal engages in a healthy conversation with her and tells her that he regrets everything that he spoke about her.

Tanishaa informs him that she was deeply hurt by Kushal's remarks, a lot more than his behavior towards her during the task. Hearing this, Tanishaa accepts Kushal's apology and gives him a tight hug, thus ending the longstanding battle that the two have been fighting since their first week in the Bigg Boss house.

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